A buzzard soars overhead, exploiting the thermals. Yesterday a red kite flew down the valley. Perhaps we will be lucky again tomorrow. This was the haunt of curlews and pewits, but without extensive hay meadows, they left. Above all, there is quiet – a peace and stillness that comes from being away from towns and main roads – but essentially created by the rhythms of the countryside.
This rhythm suits my style of photography. To observe, to absorb, to make, and to share with others. I spend my time in fields and woods – I spend ages deliberating the concept of ‘field’. The patterns that they create in the countryside tell us so much about what has gone before, what is happening now.

Camera: Canon 5D, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark IV
Lenses (main): 17-40mm f4 L USM; 70-200mm f4 L IS; 24mm TS-E f3.5 L II; 24-70mm f/4L IS USM
Filters: Lee - ND Grad and Polarising
Tripod: Manfrotto 190, carbon fibre.